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Products Offered



• Three grades of fabric/value fabric and COM
• 91 types of fabric
• 27 colors of paint and finishes
• Storage towers, file storage and pedestals
• Stand alone and interchangeable with Action Office® Series 1 and 2
• Sliding pencil drawers and keyboard trays
• Variable work surfaces
• Painted aluminum top caps
• Electrical tracks in baseboard



AO Polypanel


• Add color and life
• Create a ‘tile’ look at a fraction of the cost
• Create varied panel heights
• 3 grades of fabric/value fabrics and COM
• 57 types of fabric
• 10 different finishes
• Create a customized design for your workplace








• Award-winning, designer-looking tile and frame system
• From starter work stations to floor-to-ceiling private offices
• Full palette of fabric and finish options







• Fabric covered hard surface, tackable or acoustical, and door units
• Six standard paint finishes
• Available in many colors or wood grain finishes and are trimmed with a wide array of edge profiles
• Surface shapes include rectilinear, curvilinear, peninsula, round or racetrack