Dear Compatico Customer:

Our mission states “Compatico manufactures and supplies new office furniture systems and parts, delivering reliable and cost effective products with a passion for our customer service.” We want this emphasis on Customer First Service to benefit you when your order is specified, priced, ordered, financed and delivered. Customer Service is not just a department at Compatico, it is part of what every associate does here.

I deeply believe American manufacturers can compete in the world market place. However, to do so, we must look at things differently. We must provide a product to you that is as good or better then any competing product in the world. We must do that at a price that is low enough to compete with any product in the world. And we must do all of that, being flexible enough to meet nearly any need you have. Compatico will strive to do that every day. I intend to do everything possible with our great Compatico family to earn, keep and expand our business with you.

If you’ve purchased our products in the past we thank you for your support and continued business. If you are considering us for the first time, we want to be your strategic partner.

Again, thank you for your interest in Compatico. If you have any other questions, please give us a call at 1-616-329-4236. There is always a friendly, helpful person ready to meet your needs.


The Compatico Team