OEM Compatibility

  1. Compatico created the aftermarket parts industry.
  2. For over thirty years, office furniture dealers, remanufacturers and refurbishers have depended on Compatico for compatible parts.
  3. Compatibility is with OEM products. We have thousands of customers who are purchasing parts specifically to integrate with existing OEM systems.
  4. Power connection with existing OEM products is not possible. A new power in-feed must be introducted to add to existing OEM product. All Compatico power is from Byrne Electric (Rockford, Michigan), a leading supplier to major OEM manufacturers.

Product Comparison

OEM Compatico
Product Name OEM Moveable Wall CMW - Compatico Moveable Wall
Standards Testing ANSI/BIFMA
UL Registration
UL Registration
General Assembly Full mechanical compatibility
with original OEM products
Panel Assembly Metal frame with fiberglass tile under fabric Wood - Particle Board Core
Top Caps Steel top caps offered in 7/8”, 1 3/8”, 1 3/4” heights Aluminum top caps offered in 1 3/8” height
End Rails Steel end rails Extruded plastic vinyl end rails. Steel is available at an upcharge.
Panel Drop Downs Special in-line drop down can be field modified Separate items need to be specified
Lock Chrome finish Chrome finish
Keying alike possible with Compatico systems, but unknown for OEM
Power Standard OEM power

Compatico power is not compatible. Customer must run new power in-feed.