Comparison between 4 circuit and 3 circuit electrical systems

Feature 4 Circuit 3 Circuit
Manufactured in USA Y Y
Number of circuits 4 3
Maximum number of receptacles per circuit 13 13
Total of receptacles per infeed 52 39
UL 183 listed Manufactured wiring Y Y
UL 1286 listed for panel systems Y Y
Available with isolated ground for 1 circuit STD N
Available with dedicated neutral for 1 circuit STD N
3 plus 1 configuration STD N
2 plus 2 configuration STD N
3 circuit seperate neutrals STD option N
3 circuit common ground common neutral Y Y
Harness and pass throughs to fit all panels sizes STD Y
Vertical jumpers and reach sizes Y N
Double sided power Y Y
Pass through Y Y
Pass through with single powerblock Y N
Can power wings from spine Y Y
20 amp receptacles available Y N
Can be used at beltline Y Y
Base infeed available Y Y
Ceiling infeed available Y Y
Side power infeed available Y N