Choosing the Right Electrical System

The following are a few guidelines to follow when selecting which power system is right for your application. The basic items you’ll want to think about are:

  • Consider how the system will be used.
    What will the end-user be plugging in? This is important because different electronic devices take different amounts of power. Each circuit is engineered to handle up to 20 amps. So doing a little research about what is being plugged in, the number of amps it uses and some basic math, figuring out how many circuits should be a snap. Don’t forget to plan for the future too. See the following pages to assist you in selecting your electrical systems.
    A few rules we use are:
    • No more than 4 desktop computers (CPU + Monitor = Computer) per circuit.
    • No more than 10 laptop computers per circuit.
  • Think about how many outlets will be needed.
    How many outlets or access points will be needed overall? Each circuit can handle up to approximately 13 duplex receptacles (depending on load), meaning a total of 26 outlets.
  • Are There Any Other Special Considerations?
    Do you have any electronics that require 20amp outlets? Does your specification demand a certain number of circuits? Will you need to have an isolated ground or a dedicated neutral for a special piece of equipment? For more information on system options, consult your local electrical service team. See next page for relevant facts and comparisons.