FreshFIT Tiles Benefits

  • Extend and refresh the life of your existing furniture for a small investment.
  • Available for all systems furniture regardless of manufacturer, custom sizes available to fit your requirements.
  • Add functionality and new look with whiteboard, fabric or laminate.
  • Quickly create an updated segmented look on monolithic panels.
  • Easily installed or repositioned by facilities management or users, no staff downtime.
  • Ultra thin tiles are 3/16” proud of existing panel.
  • Exclusive hook design and adhesive technology by 3M®.
  • Great alternative for new designs and color options.

FreshFIT Whiteboard Benefits

  • Adds functionality to virtually any work space.
  • Improves collaboration.
  • Facilitates spontaneous brainstorming and idea generation.
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Full size "wall" sizes ideal for meeting areas.
  • Small size for cubicles.
  • Fun shapes like circles and big squares for break areas.
  • Fun shapes to promote your brand.
  • Silkscreen with custom design or logos
  • Easily mounts to wherever work happens using stand-offs, micro hook and loop, indoor permanent bonding glue, HBA (high-bonding adhesive double stick tape), or magnets
Before FreshFIT
After FreshFIT